Various trials carried out at AGAS Farm in Cuenca (Spain) in different production situations in 2012

Trial duration: 34 weeks.

Number of hens/batch65,000.

Control feed: DL Methionine: 1.6 kg/Mt of feed.

METHPLUS feed: 1 kg METHPLUS/Mt of feed + 0.6 kg DL Methionine/Mt of feed.

Successful result:
the average egg weight increased when METHPLUS inclusion rate augmenting.

Successful result:
not only there was no negative effect on performance but improved egg weight and % or laying

2 trials with lots of 7.000 hens ISA Brown each.

Control lot: 2.57 kg MHA powder.

Treatment lot: 1.4 kg MHA + 1 kg METHPLUS.

Duration: 21 days.

Study of effectiveness of the product METHPLUS in laying hens

School of Agricultural, Food and Biosystems Engineering, Technical University of Madrid, UPM (Spain).

Aim of the trial: “Assessment of the effect on production and egg quality of different levels inclusion of product METHPLUS in diets of laying hens”

Breed: Lohmann Brown-Classic.

Hen Age: 59-63 weeds.

Trial duration: 5 weeks.

Type of cages: enriched cages (according to European Normative for the animal welfare: Directive 1999/74/CE). 

The difference for both parameters (Daily Egg Mass and FCR) is statistically significant (p< 0,05) between group a (Positive Control Group and METHPLUS® group) and group b (Negative Control Group).


METHPLUS product is shown as a partial replacement of methionine hydroxy analogue in laying hen diets, achieving a substitution of 1,2 Kg of methionine hydroxy analogue per 1 Kg of METHPLUS.

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